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My designs are unique because boards from the past largely inspire me. Being able to transform those inspirations into modern designs gives me a sense of freedom to incorporate new takes on old creations.

The biggest challenge with being a local shaper is the level of competition and design standards. San Diego is a mecca for surfboard manufacturing. Industry leaders such as Rusty, Chris Christenson, and Jeff Mccallum are some of the best that are consistently pushing designs and stunning consumers. Just to be considered a builder/shaper among names like that is rewarding.

The best way to keep designs and creativity fresh is through your forms of inspiration. My biggest advantage is that I build nearly 100 percent of my boards based on custom referrals for specific customers. Tailoring my designs to fit their needs always keeps the building process new and energized.

Josh OLDENBURG is at the UWL workshop to built some surfboards in 2018.
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